• All about Tag Customization

    What is Tag Customization? Tag customization is a feature only available for donors and higher. It allows the user to set a custom tag that appears beside their status icon and before their levels in chat. Creating a Tag To create your custo...

  • Are there rules to follow?

    Please read carefully and abide to our rules of conduct [here](https://rules.titan.tf). By playing on our servers, you agree to be conditioned under these rules. The team at Titan.TF upholds the rules of conduct to the fullest, and will punish off...

  • Custom Chat Colors

    Every player is able to freely customize the colors of their chat messages with the use of some simple chat formatting. Everyone in the server is able to see the formatting. NOTE: These colors will override any custom chat paint equipped while us...

  • This server is running an older Titan version!

    We usually push the latest updates to all servers at once. These updates will only apply on map change or a server restart. However, there may be some cases where certain servers that do not receive the latest update. You should report such cases ...

  • What do the numbers in versions represent?

    The versioning format before Titan 2 can be read as `[major].[minor].[revision]`. The versioning format after Titan 2 will be changed to `[major].[minor].[revision].[build]`

  • What does the version number in the server game description mean?

    The version number displayed in our servers' game description is used to show players what patch a server is currently running. Titan.TF pushes updates regularly with new content, new features and bug fixes. This is useful to check if a server is ...

  • What is Titan.TF?

    We are a specialized Team Fortress 2 server hosting community in hosting the most unique source servers, with custom made features invented right here.

  • Where can I find all the commands?

    You can find the full commands list [here](https://titan.tf/commands).

  • Where can I find the patch notes for a patch?

    You can find all the patch notes [here](https://steamcommunity.com/groups/titantf/discussions/11).