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Community Rules

Revised 2 May, 2022.

If there are any changes made to the rules of conduct, we will notify users of the revised contents through @titan_tf Twitter account. When a user fails to comply with revised rules after it has been put to effect, it is not in titan.tf's reach to revert any bans.

If you find any users not abiding the rules of conduct, please reach out to us by reporting them with appropriate evidence. We investigate all feedback and take action if or when necessary. Not knowing the rules of conduct is not a valid excuse that allows one to be exempted.

When using titan.tf services, we ask users to agree to our rules of conduct. Titan.tf will take the appropriate action for misconduct wherever possible, if it is within our ability. We do not endorse illegal behaviour, on spaces we have created on 3rd party platforms, therefore it is the platform's responsibility to take action for player misconduct on their service.

If you or group of users do anything that might interfere with or adversely affect any services provided by titan.tf or violates the Rules of Conduct, titan.tf shall, in accordance with the 'Justice System', restrict service usage. In the event of a false ban, please appeal by contacting support. We are unable to revert bans from misconduct.


This section applies across all of our services — community servers, website, forums, Discord servers and Steam groups.

  1. Respect others and be nice. Discriminatory language, hate speech, threats, spam, flood and other forms of harassment or illegal behavior are not tolerated.
    1. Light cursing is allowed. Do not be a nuisance.

  2. No NSFW or disturbing content.
    1. This includes any content you upload to our services, such as activity posts, forum threads, avatars and names.

    2. Channels in Discord servers that are marked as NSFW are exempted, and you are to be 18 and above to view the content.

  3. Keep your information safe. Never share your private information or information of others to anyone.
    1. Titan.tf is not responsible for the loss of accounts.

  4. No advertising of other communities and platforms.

  5. No non-existent rules. Coming up with and or enforcing non-existent rules is not allowed.

  6. Follow what staff members say. They are here to maintain the quality of our services.
    1. Report any abusive staff immediately using the report tool with appropriate evidence.

  7. No usage of alternate accounts to bypass bans. If you are banned for an offense, then you are to be isolated for the specified period.
    1. Only false bans can be appealed.

Community Servers

This section only applies to our community servers.

  1. Play fair. Do not cheat, grief, exploit bugs and glitches, or impersonate others.
    1. Publicly disclosing that you are cheating even if you aren't, is the same as cheating.
    2. Purposely stalling the game, preventing opponents from entering the play area, excessively camping opponent spawns and attempting to lag or crash a service are considered griefing.
    3. Report bugs and glitches as soon as you discover them.

  2. Quality voice communication. Usage of proper microphones that does not disrupt the experience of other players is required in the voice chat.
    1. Music streaming through voice chat is allowed. Loud, earrape content is prohibited.

  3. Do not abuse /calladmin. Calladmin should only be used when absolutely required.
  4. Do not abuse the in-game voting system. (e.g. /votekick, /voteban)
  5. Sprays depicting pornographic, hate speech, real life gore, death, or abuse content is prohibited.


This section only applies to our website.

  1. Do not flood activity post submissions. This is considered both flooding and abusing the service.


This section only applies to our forum.

  1. Do not flood thread submissions. This is considered both flooding and abusing the service.

Steam Group

This section only applies to our Steam groups.

  1. Follow the Steam Rules, Guidelines and Steam Subscriber Agreement, which you should be anyway.
    1. Rules and Guidelines
    2. Steam Subscriber Agreement


This section only applies to our Discord servers.

  1. Follow the Discord Community Guidelines and ToS, which you should be anyway.
    1. Guidelines
    2. Terms of Service

  2. Do not @mention users or groups for no reason.

  3. Use each #channel for their intended purpose.
    1. Leave excessive bot usage to their channels. Do not overuse bots outside of bot channels.

  4. Follow specific #channel rules. Some channels may have exceptions, such as additional rules. Please read the channel pins and channel topic for information.

  5. When posting videos that has loud volume, user must warn other users. (e.g saying something like "warning: video below is loud")

  6. No cursed content allowed in all channels including videos and GIFs.

  7. No over usage and saturation of repeated content/memes such as among us and omori but not limited to these.


This section only applies to the respective gamemodes specified.

  1. Deathrun

    1. Do not suicide when you are the Boss/Death/Hale. This is to avoid repeated non-playing rounds.
      1. Type !freerun to initiate a freerun instead or clear your queue points before you become Boss/Death/Hale.

    2. Do not purposely stall the round.

    3. The use of Engineer buildings which allow you to gain an advantage in a minigame is not allowed.

    4. Faking freeruns are not allowed.
      1. Type !freerun to initiate a freerun.

  2. Freak Fortress

    1. Do not suicide when you are the Boss/Death/Hale. This is to avoid repeated non-playing rounds.

    2. Do not purposely stall the round.

    3. Do not camp. Camping is staying in one spot where no one can find you.
      1. Engineers are allowed to camp, but only with an active sentry placed down.

    4. Do not block the Boss/Death/Hale with Engineer teleporters.

    5. Do not farm rage as Boss/Death/Hale. This includes purposely taking map damage or pretending to be away.

  3. Slender Fortress

    1. Do not flood suicides on red team.

  4. Dodgeball

    1. No side-shooting.
      1. (SS) Side-shooting is aiming a person vertically across the map if you are on the sides of the map. In a dodgeball map, players are to aim diagonally while on the corners of the map.

    2. No redirects.
      1. (RDR) Do not redirect rockets you receive to other players, reflect them back to the person that passed it to you.

    3. No intefering or stealing rockets.
      1. (Inter/Steal) Interfering is reflecting a rocket that is not targetting you.

    4. No crossing.
      1. (Cross) Crossing refers to crossing to the opponent's playing area.

    5. No undering.
      1. (Under) When you are at a map that is above ground level, trying to shoot the rocket downwards, or in other words shooting the rocket outside of the map, is considered an under.

  5. Mann vs Machine

    1. Do not stall the game by preventing robots from entering the play area.

  6. Machine Attacks

    1. Do not purposely attempt to kill teammates on elevators.

    2. Do not stall the game by preventing robots from entering the play area.