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Top Notch Features

We provide some of the world's best features, engineered with performance and our players in mind.

100% Free

It does not cost a single cent to enjoy all the wonderful features we offer.

Made With Love

We love attention to detail. Every small detail was carefully written.


The entire network is built to be powerful. With cross-server and web integration.

No Signups

No emails or passwords are needed to create a Titan account. Simply login with your Steam account!

Secure Database

Your data is very important to us. We ensure that your data has integrity and is protected well.


We are currently available in Singapore (SEA), France (Western Europe) and we are still expanding.

Player Statistics

We track your statistics, and rank you amongst thousands of other players on the leaderboards.

Custom Store

Earn in-game credits while playing and use them on item store for cool items!

Earn Gems

Receive gems while you play and cash them out for Team Fortress 2 items!

Team Titan

Titan.TF has..

Excellent Support

The community is always put first. We listen to feedback and we take action. Keep track of our development board here.

Friendly Moderators

We work close with a few members of the community, who are not part of the moderating team. We look forward to including you.

Easy Adaptation

With the vast amounts of help articles, our very own wiki, a helpful faq in the motd page you first see when you connect, we always welcome new players and hope to make their experience here easier.

Join 260K unique players who has played

  • “I think is a great group full of cool gamemodes that are constantly updated. Highly recommended.”

    — Rob-Bot (Player)

  • “ is a great community filled with a variety of gamemodes, with developers who care about their community. Every suggestion one makes will be heard and has the potential to be included in a future update!”

    — Ging (Retired Moderator, Discord Manger)

  • “Stop AFK.”

    — A Legend

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