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A diverse range of original, custom and continuously evolving Team Fortress 2 experiences. You need better time management because you will be having too much fun.

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SFM by Sarah

XP & Levels

Earn XP while you play and level up to unlock rewards.


Earn in-game credits while playing and use them on item store for cool items!


Take up challenges and complete them to earn rewards.


Help mercenaries complete contracts and earn rewards when you complete them on time.

Jam-packed features.

The website is packed with great features and we're excited to get your hands on them.

Ready, Set, Go!

Start playing now for free.

Creating an account is as easy as signing in with your Steam account or joining any one of our servers. Don't worry, we do not see any of your login details. Steam will only provide us your display name, avatar and Steam ID.

Seamless Integration

Cloud Data Save Synchronization.

While browsing our website with the MOTD browser in a game, a session is automatically generated for you to access the website seamlessly. And when you update your loadout through the browser, the changes you make on the website loadout are automatically reflected in the game.

Next Generation Content

Download and install our DLC to up your game.

Our custom content is made completely optional for all players. No automatic downloads of any content for custom items when you connect. You can opt-in and enjoy the wide variety of content we offer by joining the content distributor server.

Available in Team Fortress 2.

You can find all of our servers by entering "titan" into the tag field in the community server browser list.


Look out for supply drops.

The map is alive. Keep an eye out for supplies and loot that spawn on the map over time. First come, first serve.

Supply Drops

Deal damage and destroy the supply drop as a team to loot the items inside. Once destroyed, a large amount of loot will drop on the ground. Loot as many as you can.

Supply Chests

Be sure to be the first one to loot them but watch your surroundings for enemies, because you are immobile while looting these.

Other Supplies

Other spawns include xp, potions, gems, item boxes, supply faucets and vaults.

Our Community

Trusted by many players.

Titan has been around since 2015 and has gathered a huge playerbase worldwide. Being part of Titan is awesome.


Unique Players



Titan Plus.

Unlock access to exclusive perks to personalize your profile, up your game and stand out in our servers.

Popular plan

$2.39 / month

Comes with 25+ perks, and more to come in a future update.

  • Profile Customization
  • In-Game Chat Customization
  • Exclusive Badges

Popular plan

$23.99 / year

Comes with 25+ perks, and more to come in a future update.

  • Profile Customization
  • In-Game Chat Customization
  • Exclusive Badges

Prices are subject to change. Displayed in USD.

Join our Titanology Discord server, a place to hangout, chat with other players, ask questions & participate in events!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Support Team

File a new report, or track your previous reports here. You can also voice out on our forums or Discord server.

Gems is a powerful currency used on our servers. They drop one to you for every 3 minutes spent on any server. They can purchase all sorts of resources from Titan credits to TF2 items.

Levels are derived from the total amount of experience points you have earned so far. A wide range of activities from just playing, to winning a round, grants you experience points. The first 3,000+ levels will give you a unique and special level badge tag in front of your name.

One of the few ways to obtain chests is by earning experience points and leveling up. Some exclusive event chests may have a different name and can be obtained in other means. Opening a chest will give you a random item from the pool of items that the chest is tied to.

A monetary contribution program that provides subscribers with a wide range of awesome cosmetic benefits that do not grant any competitive advantage.

We're always looking for new moderators to join our team. Submit a new application, or track your previously submitted applications here.

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