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VALUE Pay for only 10 months and get 2 months free!

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monthly (1 month)
yearly (12 months)
VALUE Pay for only 10 months and get 2 months free!

Only TF2 keys are accepted. No other items.

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Rare Perks

Exclusive Tag

Show off your Plus status with the exclusive pink ❤ displayed in front of your name in chat.


Exclusive Hud Status

Run around with pride. The status on the info hud shown to other players when they look at you is "Titan+" instead of "Player". (e.g. Lvl 50 yournamehere Titan+)

Round End Immunity

You are in godmode between rounds, you take no damage and can't die!



A gravestone might spawn at your death location with a random message, rest in peace.


Special Ragdolls

Kill with style. Customize the animation of your enemies' ragdoll when you eliminate them.

before dawn

Trail Gun

Shoot out beach balls, pumpkins and a lot of other random stuff by right clicking with your melee.

home run

Fake Item Messages

Trick everyone into thinking you found or traded something super rare. I found a Golden Pan!

Unlimited Saysounds

Play sounds to the whole server at no cooldowns or limits.

Epic Perks

2X Gems Multiplier

Earn twice the amount of gems, and you can earn back what you paid for Plus.


Custom Tag

Create your very own chat tag that will appear beside your name in chat, and it's up to you to decide its color.

Target Hud

Change the color of your info hud shown to other players when they look at you.

Resize Player

Change the size of your player model, head, torso and hands.


Projectile Designer

Set a custom projectile model, and add a shiny particle effects of your choice.


Unusual Building Hats

The buildings built as Engineer come with a hat. But there you might find yourself upon an unusual hat.



Make your very own unique trail where you decide what color it should be.

Chroma Trails

An even cooler trail, chroma style.

Fox Tail (disabled)

Walk around with a tail you never knew you needed.


Legendary & Mythic Perks

Player Skins

Gain access to more player skins normal players don't have.



Get your very own companion to follow you to the battlefield.


Lost Trails

Stand out in the crowd with special eye catching particles around you.


Respawn Effects

Respawn in style striking particle effects around you. Gain access to more options than normal players.


Coming Soon

Subscribe now and get these perks as soon as they are available

Customizable Gravestone Messages

Set the message you want to tell everyone when you die.


Target Hud Status

Customize your status on the info hud shown to other players when they look at you. (e.g. Lvl 50 yournamehere Hero)

Chat Prefix Color

Change the default white color of the chat prefix shown before your name. (e.g. Lvl 1,357)

Welcome Message

Tell everyone that the boss has arrived.

100 Emote Slots

Upload 50 more emotes to the website for everyone to use.

No Ads

You won't see any advertisements on the website.

Name Color

Customize the color of your name that appears across the website.


Custom Banner

Change the banner that appears on your profile to anything you like apart from the default options.

Custom Url

Set a custom url that will allow others to visit your profile easily other than using your user id.


Titan+ Badge

Show off your shiny and exclusive Titan+ badge across the entire website.

personal site

Avatar Avatar

Use the website in style with a shiny pulsing avatar border.


Coming Soon

These perks are yet to be confirmed and finalized. Things might change.

Discord Role

Get yourself recognized as a royal contributor on our Discord server with an exclusive role.

Exclusive Quests

Receive bonus quests from Quest+ that comes with greater and better rewards when you complete them.


Boost Discount

You save 30% when buying server boosts as a subscriber.


2 Free Boosts

Gain 2 free server boosts each month to boost your favourite servers.


Monthly Topup

Get a topup of $1,000 credits to your wallet each month.


Super Chest

Receive a large supply drop of items from the Mythic Super Chest, including EXP Packs and Cheat Codes every month.


Top 10

GrimGrim ❤ $112.20
Drugs(Useless one) $76.87
Vipisland $64.34
4 SuomiGamer $55.00
5 Eli $53.94
6 Boiled Egg $42.90
7 Poot Man $42.90
8 geiclone $42.77
9 reii $41.88
10 netflix is banned on my country $39.74