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Disabled Quests

250 Meter Eliminations in Mann vs Machine?/40

Alive Time in Freak Fortress as Demoman?/20

Alive Time in Freak Fortress as Engineer?/20

Alive Time in Freak Fortress as Heavy?/20

Alive Time in Freak Fortress as Medic?/20

Alive Time in Freak Fortress as Pyro?/20

Alive Time in Freak Fortress as Scout?/20

Alive Time in Freak Fortress as Sniper?/20

Alive Time in Freak Fortress as Soldier?/20

Alive Time in Freak Fortress as Spy?/20

Capture Intelligence?/3

Collect Graves?/10

Collect Skulls?/20

Damage MvPs as Demoman in Freak Fortress?/7

Damage MvPs as Engineer in Freak Fortress?/7

Damage MvPs as Heavy in Freak Fortress?/7

Damage MvPs as Medic in Freak Fortress?/7

Damage MvPs as Pyro in Freak Fortress?/7

Damage MvPs as Scout in Freak Fortress?/7

Damage MvPs as Sniper in Freak Fortress?/7

Damage MvPs as Soldier in Freak Fortress?/7

Damage MvPs as Spy in Freak Fortress?/7

Damage While Airborne?/2500

Defeat Bosses as Demoman?/7

Defeat Bosses as Engineer?/7

Defeat Bosses as Heavy?/7

Defeat Bosses as Medic?/7

Defeat Bosses as Pyro?/7

Defeat Bosses as Scout?/7

Defeat Bosses as Sniper?/7

Defeat Bosses as Soldier?/7

Defeat Bosses as Spy?/7

Defend Intelligence?/5

Deflect Projectiles from Robots?/50

Deflect Projectiles in Dodgeball?/100

Detonate Stickybombs?/50

Direct Projectile Hits?/10

Eliminate Humans in Zombie Survival (HARD)?/3

Eliminate Zombies in Zombie Survival?/20

Eliminations in Hightower?/20

Eliminations in Turbine?/20

Goomba Stomp Bosses?/3

Goomba Stomp Bosses (HARD)?/6

Jarate Opponents?/50

Land Arrows on Opponents?/10

Pickup Intelligence?/5

Place Teleporters on Blueprints?/10

Place Top 10 in Zombie Survival?/3

Place Top 6 in Zombie Survival (HARD)?/1

Robot Damage While Airborne?/10000

Search for Swords?/4

Search Pirate Hats?/5

Search Tanks?/3

Search Tarantulas?/5

Use Jump Pads?/20

Use Speed Pads?/20

Visit Golden Statues of Saxton Hale?/4

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress as Demoman?/10

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress as Engineer?/10

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress as Heavy?/10

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress as Medic?/10

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress as Pyro?/10

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress as Scout?/10

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress as Sniper?/10

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress as Soldier?/10

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress as Spy?/10

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress without Engineers?/5

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress without Medics?/5

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress without using Reanimators?/7

Win Waves without Engineers?/3

Win Waves without Medics?/3

Win Waves without Using Canteens?/4

Quests Gallery

250 Meter Damage (HARD)?/500

250 Meter Damage in Freak Fortress (HARD)?/1000

250 Meter Eliminations?/2

500 Meter Eliminations (HARD)?/1

Absorb 600 Boss Damage in a Single Life?/1

Absorb Damage?/10000

Absorb Damage While Ubered?/1000

Absorb Robot Damage While Ubered?/5000

Airborne Eliminations (HARD)?/2

Airborne Robot Eliminations?/15

Alive Time in Deathrun?/20

Alive Time in Freak Fortress?/20

Alive Time in Slender Fortress?/20

Bomb Carrier Eliminations?/20

Bomb Carrier Eliminations (HARD)?/40

Boss Damage within 10 Seconds after Round Starts?/1000

Call for Medic?/750

Capture Objectives?/7

Collect Credits as Demoman?/500

Collect Credits as Engineer?/400

Collect Credits as Heavy?/300

Collect Credits as Medic?/400

Collect Credits as Pyro?/1000

Collect Credits as Scout?/1500

Collect Credits as Sniper?/400

Collect Credits as Soldier?/1000

Collect Credits as Spy?/1000

Collect Credits in Machine Attacks?/3000

Collect Credits in Machine Attacks (HARD)?/1500

Collect Credits in Mann vs Machine?/1500

Collect Pumpkins?/100

Complete 5 Successful Waves in a Row (HARD)?/1

Complete a Mission?/1

Complete Missions (HARD)?/3

Damage MvPs in Freak Fortress?/15

Damage Supply Drops?/5000

Deal 700 Boss Damage within 10 Seconds after Round Starts?/2

Deal Backstab Damage to Bosses?/10000

Deal Backstab Damage to Opponents?/10000

Deal Boss Damage as Demoman?/6000

Deal Boss Damage as Engineer?/5000

Deal Boss Damage as Heavy?/5000

Deal Boss Damage as Medic?/1000

Deal Boss Damage as Pyro?/5000

Deal Boss Damage as Scout?/3000

Deal Boss Damage as Sniper?/4000

Deal Boss Damage as Soldier?/6000

Deal Boss Damage as Spy?/10000

Deal Boss Damage in a Round?/1

Deal Boss Damage in a Round without Reanimators (HARD)?/1

Deal Damage as Demoman?/9000

Deal Damage as Engineer?/9000

Deal Damage as Heavy?/7500

Deal Damage as Medic?/2000

Deal Damage as Pyro?/9000

Deal Damage as Scout?/4000

Deal Damage as Sniper?/5000

Deal Damage as Soldier?/9000

Deal Damage as Spy?/11000

Deal Damage to Bosses (HARD)?/50000

Deal Damage to Giant Robots?/50000

Deal Damage to Opponents?/5000

Deal Damage to Opponents (HARD)?/10000

Deal Damage to Player Bosses?/7500

Deal Damage to Robots?/50000

Deal Damage to Sentry Busters?/10000

Deal Damage to Tanks?/100000

Deal Damage to Tanks (HARD)?/200000

Deal Explosive Damage to Bosses?/7500

Deal Explosive Damage to Opponents?/10000

Deal Explosive Damage to Robots?/50000

Deal Flamethrower Damage to Opponents?/6000

Deal Headshot Damage to Bosses?/1000

Deal Headshot Damage to Demomen?/600

Deal Headshot Damage to Engineers?/600

Deal Headshot Damage to Heavies?/800

Deal Headshot Damage to Opponents?/750

Deal Headshot Damage to Pyros?/600

Deal Headshot Damage to Robots?/35000

Deal Headshot Damage to Scouts?/500

Deal Headshot Damage to Snipers?/600

Deal Headshot Damage to Soldiers?/600

Deal Headshot Damage to Spies?/600

Deal Melee Damage to Bosses?/2000

Deal Melee Damage to Opponents?/5000

Deal Minigun Damage to Opponents?/4000

Deal Minigun Damage to Robots?/50000

Deal Minigun Damage to Robots (HARD)?/50000

Deal Revolver Damage to Opponents?/2000

Deal Rocket Damage to Opponents?/8000

Deal Scattergun Damage to Opponents?/1500

Deal Sentry Gun Damage to Bosses?/4000

Deal Shotgun Damage to Opponents?/1000

Deal SMG Damage to Opponents?/5000

Deal Sniper Rifle Damage to Opponents?/2000

Deal Stickybomb Damage to Opponents?/7000

Deal Stickybomb Damage to Robots?/50000

Defeat Bosses on Freak Fortress?/10

Defeat Titans on mvm_on_titan?/50

Deflect Projectiles?/30

Deflector Eliminations in Mann vs Machine?/10

Demoknight Eliminations in Mann vs Machine?/30

Demoman Eliminations?/15

Deploy Banners on Soldier?/50

Deploy Übercharges?/30

Destroy Buildings?/5

Destroy Buildings in Mann vs Machine?/3

Destroy Constructing Buildings?/4

Destroy Constructing Buildings in Mann vs Machine?/3

Destroy Tanks?/10

Destroy Tanks (HARD)?/20

Dispense Health to Teammates (HARD)?/1

Distance While Stunned?/100

Distance While Taunting?/500

Earn XP?/7000

Eliminate 2 Players within 10 Seconds after Round Starts as Boss?/1

Eliminate Bowmans in Mann vs Machine?/40

Eliminate Extended Buffed Soldiers in Mann vs Machine?/30

Eliminate Giant Robots?/30

Eliminate Opponents?/20

Eliminate Opponents (HARD)?/40

Eliminate Robots?/300

Eliminate Super Scouts in Mann vs Machine?/7

Eliminations as Demoman?/15

Eliminations as Engineer?/15

Eliminations as Heavy?/15

Eliminations as Medic?/10

Eliminations as Pyro?/15

Eliminations as Scout?/15

Eliminations as Sniper?/15

Eliminations as Soldier?/15

Eliminations as Spy?/15

Eliminations in 2Fort?/20

Eliminations in Dodgeball?/10

Eliminations in Machine Attacks?/300

Eliminations in Mann vs Machine?/300

Eliminations in Orange?/20

Eliminations in x1000?/20

Eliminations While Airborne?/20

Eliminations While Uncloaked?/10

Engineer Eliminations?/15

Environmental Kill Opponents?/7

Environmental Kill Robots?/10

Escape on Slender Fortress?/10

Explosive Weapon Eliminations?/20

Extinguish Teammates?/20

Finish Waves in Mann vs Machine (HARD)?/15

Flamethrower Eliminations?/20

Get 100 Robot Eliminations in a Single Life?/2

Giant Medic Eliminations in Mann vs Machine?/10

Heal Buildings?/10000

Heal from Dispensers?/2000

Heal Teammates?/20000

Heavy Eliminations?/15

Ignite Cloaked Spies as Pyro?/10

Ignite Opponents?/25

Level Up?/3

Medic Eliminations?/15

Melee Eliminations?/10

Open Supply Drops?/3

Outlive Opponents?/150

Outlive Players in Deathrun?/70

Outlive Players in Machine Attacks?/60

Outlive Players in Mann vs Machine?/60

Outlive Players in Slender Fortress?/70

Outlive Players in VS Saxton Hale?/70

Pistol Eliminations?/10

Place Top 3 in Deathrun?/5

Place Top 3 in Slender Fortress?/5

Place Top 3 in VS Saxton Hale?/5

Place Top 6 in Deathrun?/10

Place Top 6 in Slender Fortress?/10

Place Top 6 in VS Saxton Hale?/10

Play REMs?/10

Play Rounds?/15

Prevent Bomb Delivers in Mann vs Machine?/10

Pyro Eliminations?/15

Reset the Bomb in Mann vs Machine?/3

Revive Players?/10

Robot Demoman Eliminations?/100

Robot Eliminations While Airborne?/50

Robot Heavy Eliminations?/100

Robot Medic Eliminations?/30

Robot Pyro Eliminations?/100

Robot Scout Eliminations?/100

Robot Sniper Eliminations?/40

Robot Soldier Eliminations?/100

Robot Spy Eliminations?/60

Rocket Launcher Eliminations?/20

Run 500m in 1 Round (HARD)?/2

Run in Deathrun?/700

Run in Deathrun (HARD)?/1500

Run in Slender Fortress?/700

Run in Slender Fortress (HARD)?/1500

Samurai Demo Eliminations in Mann vs Machine?/3

Scout Eliminations?/15

Search 3 Items in a Single Round in Slender Fortress (HARD)?/1

Search Chests?/3

Search Items in Slender Fortress?/3

Sentry Buster Eliminations?/7

Sentry Gun Eliminations?/20

Sentry Gun Eliminations in Mann vs Machine?/100

Share Powerups as Medic in Machine Attacks?/20

Share Powerups as Medic in Mann vs Machine?/20

Shield Damage as Medic in Machine Attacks?/25000

Shield Damage as Medic in Mann vs Machine?/25000

Shotgun Eliminations?/20

Sniper Eliminations?/15

Sniper Rifle Eliminations?/10

Soldier Eliminations?/15

Spend Credits in Machine Attacks?/75000

Spend Credits in Mann vs Machine?/50000

Spy Eliminations?/15

Stickybomb Robot Eliminations?/100

Stun Players?/30

Successfully Reanimate?/15

Successfully Reanimate (HARD)?/30

Successfully Reanimate with Rare Reanimators (HARD)?/2

Survive 1 Min as the Last Player in Freak Fortress (HARD)?/1

Survive Boss Stuns?/15

Survive Boss Stuns (HARD)?/30

Survive for 7 Minutes in Freak Fortress in a Single Round?/2

Survive Melee Hits from Bosses?/10

Teleport Teammates?/30

Teleport Teammates 500 Meters?/10

Terminate Robot Engineers?/3

Use Ammo Packs?/10

Use Battle Calls?/500

Use Chests?/15

Use Health Packs?/10

Use Powerups in Machine Attacks?/50

Use Powerups in Mann vs Machine?/50

Win Rounds?/10

Win Rounds (HARD)?/20

Win Rounds on Deathrun as Death (HARD)?/2

Win Rounds on Deathrun as Runner?/10

Win Rounds on Freak Fortress as Boss (HARD)?/2