Any gamemode, anywhere.

Due to the lack of funds to host new servers and the clear trend of low stability of player population for new servers, we never managed to give new gamemodes see the light they deserve. This programme aims to incubate new servers into our network using crowd funds.

Fully Managed

You do not need any technical knowledge of running servers. Your server will be run by us and is a part of the network.

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5X XP Boost & Featured Name

Your name will be featured on the servers you own (via server list, server name and chat), and you will receive a permanent 5X XP boost while playing on your servers.

Titan Plus

When you make payment every month, you receive 1X Titan Plus Gift Pass for each server you own, which you can either use for yourself or gift it to someone else.

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All it costs is 4 keys or 6.99 USD each month and we will get your server running.

(the fee goes to covering the server operating costs which includes the 3rd party commission fee required for swapping keys into USD)


Being part of the network gives your server better discoverability than if you were to start your own server from nothing.

Titan has been around since 2015 and has gathered over 360K unique players from over 180 countries worldwide. Your server also gets integration from our global plugins that runs across our entire network, your items and experience points are still here. Being part of Titan is awesome.