Do not edit, modify, distort, rotate, or recolor the logo.


Place sprays under materials/vgui/logos inside your tf folder.


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Machine Attacks

v4.1 (Blue Moon Update)

Latest 2 years ago

Content Pack

"Failed to create decoder for MP3 [ titan2\content\items\...\....mp3 ]" error? Go to tf/sound and delete sound.cache. Then type snd_restart into your console.

One-Step Installation

All you have to do is connect to the Content Distributor Server using the blue button below and you will automatically download and install the all of latest content. You must connect to the server again to download (only) new content when a content update is released.

Manual Installation

If the content distributor is taking too long for you, you might want to try manually installing it. Extract the VPKs to your tf/custom directory. Once you have installed, make sure to go to your settings and check "Custom Item Sounds" under the "Store" section.